Mariella Zanoletti

Clinical Director

As a Systemic Family and Couple psychotherapist, I have an extensive academic training acquired through a Bachelor degree in Educational Sciences,   Master of Science in Psychotherapy (King’s College London),  Master of Science in Social Services Management, Post graduate diploma in Psychological Counselling, Post graduate diploma in Systemic Theory, Post graduate certificate in Family mediation and a broad array of certifications which has propelled me to continue to help those who are in need. 

I work with young people, adults and  families to develop a more successful personal and professional life, to enjoy positive mental health and well-being and to have stronger and more fulfilling relationships. I work together with my clients through issues like anxiety, depression, anger, relationship problems. My passion is to help people to move forward, find the steps they need to get themselves in the right directions. I really enjoy being part of that process and I believe in the healing journey for everyone, myself included.

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