Occupational therapy

In the postnatal stage and very early years, Physical therapy forms the centre of all therapies as physical growth and movement are the precursors for the development of all faculties and sensory experiences which lead to exploration and learning. Physical therapy provides the child the opportunity to bridge the gaps of as many developmental delays and forms the primary area of focus for training at the early intervention stage. Occupational Therapists also work with developmental coordination disorders like dyspraxia and motor skill balance. They help children in learning and functioning well in school, teaching them self-regulation and assisting in sensory processing and working on a sensory diet.

Occupational therapy works towards helping children improve fine motor abilities and handwriting as well as in organisational skills.

The OTs at our centre will also focus on areas of occupation including activities of daily living, rest and sleep, work, play/leisure, social participation and education. Occupational therapists assist students with performing the necessary activities to participate in school activities and foster meaningful learning. Our Occupational therapists look at a variety of areas affected by a child’s disability such as self-care, motor function, sensory processing and awareness, oral motor function, function of the hands, visual and perceptual abilities and prevocational activities. She /he uses specific activities to help children reach their goals and objectives and help them reach their maximum potential.


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